Our mission is to help Canadians to unlock the value of what they already own. We do this through offering loans, education, our store, giving back and more.

Collateral Loans

Our platform allows you to take an everyday item, turn it into cash that you need and pay it back every month until you are ready to buy it back. 

If you don’t want to or can’t pay it back, you simply let us know.

No more interest. No more payments. No impact to your credit score.

Financial Education

Supporting financial education with our blog and sales team, we want our customers to have all of the available information and tools. Our focus area is on debt management: how to tackle it, steps to limit it and (most importantly) how to get out of it.

We are currently exploring partnerships with local community organizations that focus on financial education where our customers live.

The Lendy Store

If you’re selling or buying directly from Lendy, we help you to pay it forward.

A portion of the money made through our marketplace will enter a pool that will lower our interest rates for those who need it most.

Our dream is to be able to provide interest-free collateral loans and education to families across Canada that need a boost to get back on track.

Giving Back

Beyond our products and education, we believe in giving directly back to the community.

Not only do we have a mandate to donate a portion of all profits to organizations helping our community, we have pledged equity in our company to The Upside Foundation

Help us build our dream

Know an organization that we could partner with?

We’re always looking for ways to add value and broaden our impact, especially in the areas of financial planning and stability for Canadians. 

ready to get rolling?

Send us a brief description of your item(s) and a few pictures, and Lendy will take care of the rest.

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