how it works

Pick the right option for you

Lendy makes it so easy

It all starts with you

Regardless of whether you’re getting a loan, or selling to Lendy, the first step is to use our app to submit your stuff

you do your thing

take some pictures

  • Type in any serial or model numbers so we can do some background checks
  • Put in a bit of a description
  • Let us know how much you think its all worth
  • If you’ve got a whole area to clear out, just send us  one big picture of it all!

We do our thing

you get options

Our team will review your submission and get in touch as soon as possible with a few options for you

Pick your option, and we’ll set up a time that is convenient for you to come pick everything up

money, incoming

a quick look

Once we’ve picked up your items and given you a digital ‘receipt’ for the items, we take them back to HQ for inspection, testing and verification.

Once we’ve given everything a look-over and verified condition and authenticity, you get an e-transfer within minutes.


Sold something to Lendy? This is where your stop is. Everyone else keep on rolling below….

Each loan starts off with a $5 ticket fee, regardless of size, value, number of items or how cool and shiny it is.

Interest rates are part of the loan offers we will make you, but will be somewhere between 2-4.5% per month.

Storage fees depend on the size of the item, and range from $2-5 per month.

Every 30 days, interest and storage fees are due to renew your loan another 30 days.

Don’t worry, you’ll get lots of reminder e-mails if you need them.

Once you’ve saved back up enough money to pay off the loan, all that you have to do is pay off the principal balance, and the final month’s fees.

Lendy will deliver your stuff right back to you! It’s that easy.

Here's an

A $500 loan for a big TV is set at 3% ($15), with a $4 storage fee. After deducting the $5 ticket fee, you get an e-transfer for $495.

30 days later, you e-transfer Lendy $19 ($15+4) to renew the loan. On day 60, another $19 gets paid to Lendy. On Day 90, you decide you no longer need the loan, so you pay the final $19, plus the $500 for the loan. You’re done! Lendy brings you back your TV. 

NO extra fees, NO delivery charges, NO hidden costs. That’s how you get Lendy.

We Have Answers

you have more questions

Thats not a problem! We’re happy to buy your items off of you and get money in your bank, where you need it

We base everything off of the current resale value of the item.

Consignment Loans typically land in the 25-40% of value range. So if we think we could sell your item for $1000, you could get a $250-400 loan against it. 

For purchases, Lendy will typically offer more than the loan amount, but it really varies based on what the item is.

Unfortunately, no. We have costs just like every business and need to be able to make some money!

It might takes us months or years to sell your stuff, just like if you tried selling it yourself. But that’s our problem! Your stuff is out the door and money is in the bank.

We get it. That’s why we give you options!

When you submit your items you can choose to get loan and buy offers, look them over and pick the one that feels right.

We take it to a secure, unmarked storage location and take good care of it until you’re ready for it to come back to you.

We don’t have a maximum time limit, so long as you keep paying your monthly fees, we’re happy to keep renewing for as long as you need.

We never charge late fees, but we do have some standards.

We have a three day late payment grace period to allow for weekends, holidays, and forgetfulness. We won’t hold it against you.

Between day 4 and 30, make your monthly payment and we’re happy to renew as if you had paid on time. Make this a habit, and we reserve the right to not renew the loan. 

After 30 days without payment, renewal or paying back the loan, your items is considered to be abandoned and becomes the property of Lendy.

You can set up a pre-authorized debit agreement so you don’t have to worrry about it. Or, just use your online banking to send an Interac E-transfer. We don’t accept cash.

ready to get rolling?

Send us a brief description of your item(s) and a few pictures, and Lendy will take care of the rest.

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