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Those Wheels or tires are of no use for you anymore, here’s how to sell them online

You’re clearing your garage out to make room for some social distance visits (check out our article on how to best do this). There’s a stack of wheels and tires in the corner from the car you gave back at the end of its lease, or traded in for your newer, shinier chariot. It’s time to get them out of there, and one of the best ways to do this is sell them online. Place an ad on Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace and you will probably find a buyer eventually. 

If you want those wheels out of your space, read on to get our best tips on how to put your best foot (or wheel) forward and stand out from the crowd

List as much information as you can

There are probably as many wheel and tire combination out there, as there are colours and makes of cars. When it comes to the rims, each manufacturer, and even most models of cars all have different configurations of bolt pattern, offset, and size. The majority of this information can be determined by simply saying what kind of car the wheels came off of, and more specifically what year. 

Take a look at the wheel itself, how many lug nuts attach the wheel to the car? it will likely be somewhere between 4 and 8. Depending on if the website you’re looking at to know what bolt pattern your car uses lists things in Metric or Imperial, you will either see numbers like 5×4.5, or 5.114.3. These are the exact same wheel spec, 4.5 inches converts to 114.3mm. The short form of 5×114.3 means 5 bolts on a wheel are arranged in a circle with a 114.3mm diameter.

Take Pictures, and be honest about the condition

Is there a lot of ‘curb rash’ on the wheels? Has the paint flaked off, is there a big dent somewhere? Are three wheels perfect but one is a mess? Are there cracks in the rubber, or maybe a nail in the tire? This is all critical information to include in the ad. Don’t kid yourself that someone is going to show up if you are asking top dollar, and not look at all four wheels before buying. You Don’t want to waste your own time by having them show up and then either walk away or offer half of what they agreed to. Take at least one clear picture of each wheel for your ad. 

What on earth is an offset? do I need to list that?

Offset is typically a number stamped on the inside of the rim, and not many people really understand this one or bother to look at it. Ever seen a car with the tires sticking out way wider than the fenders, but they look like the right size? This is a car with wheels that have way too much offset. This number is typically noted right after the wheel size inside the rim, you might see something like 18X8J 55, which is an 18″ wheel, that is 8″ wide and has a +55 offset.

Do not fret if you can’t figure this out. Better yet, just take a picture of the stampings on the inside of the wheel and let your buyer figure it out. If they are concerned about it, they’ll know how to look at it. 

How to tell if the tires are in good condition

If the tires are cracked, or are worn down to the wear bars stop right here, they are garbage. If they aren’t on rims, take those tires to your local Canadian Tire and they’ll dispose of them for you.

Check the manufacture date of the tires, this is usually listed on one side of the tire in a long embossed oval, and is four numbers. Look for something inside of that oval that looks like ‘3510’. This means the tires were made the 35th week of 2010. Tires are good for 10 years, so just like the cracked one’s above, tires marked with 3510 are older than 10 years and are worthless trash. Is one side, or both sides, or the middle of a tire worn very differently than the other areas? yes? Also trash, don’t waste your time trying to sell them.

How to list the tires for sale online

Assuming your tires are not instantly destined to become recycled material, all you need to do is find the tire size stamped on the side, and list the brand name and style. In the Picture below, we have a Pirelli P Zero tire with a  265/35/R22 size. This information, along with good pictures is the best thing you can do for helping potential buyers know if they are what they’re looking for. Have clear pictures of the side and tread of each tire in your ad. You can do this by taking eight different pictures, or by lining them all up beside each other and taking a group photo of the fronts, and then stack them and take a good side profile view.

selling wheels and tires on kijij or facebook marketplace

How to choose your sale price for your online ad

Ok, you’ve got all the information, all the pictures, and the tires are in good shape, or you’ve just indicated on your ad that only the wheels are good. Now you need to choose a sale price. Look online to see what similar wheels and tires are going for. Are your wheels the original ones that came from the car, or were they purchased aftermarket? Typically OEM wheels, especially ones that were higher trim upgrade options from the factory are worth significantly more than aftermarket ones. Scuffs can hurt the value of the wheels, unless they are intended for winter use, then a lot of people won’t care about some scratches and scrapes.

If you’ve got a perfect set of wheels and tires that look almost brand new, you can command top dollar. You’re saving someone the cost of paying to have new tires put on those rims, and that’s worth something. Typically, unless the tires are brand new, most of the value is in the rims. If you paid $1000 for those tires when they were new, don’t expect to recover more than 50% of that on the used market, you are lucky if you get 30%. You can’t base your pricing on what a brand new wheel costs at the dealership. A wheel that is $800 at your local dealership does not mean your wheels are worth $3200, and probably not even $1600. Just like the rest of your car, those wheels plummeted in resale value the second you drove off the lot with them. 

This is all too much work for me, what other options are there?

We get it, you’re not a mechanic or a car enthusiast and can’t be bothered figuring this all out. You have a few other options. You can post a note on your neighbourhood Facebook group about them and see if someone has the same car. Find a Facebook enthusiast group or online forum for the brand or model of the car that matches the wheels, and ask if anyone is interested there. Be like everyone else and take the lazy route, just ignore the wheels for another year in your garage. Or, if they’re still in good shape, come and drop them off at Lendy.

At Lendy, we aim to teach Canadians how to make the best impact with the stuff they already have. Our mission is to help Canadians keep the circular economy turning, and keeping perfectly good stuff out of landfill. Downsizing, moving or just have a truck worth of perfectly good stuff that needs to go? Schedule a visit for a Lendy crew to clear it all out by filling out this form.

Want to help fund our mission? Get shopping over at to find some fantastic new stuff looking for a new home.

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