Five ways to make being stuck in your home more bearable this winter

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Being holed up for the entire winter has everyone looking for ideas to keep their mental health in check.

Ever since the country was shut down back in March, we’ve all be talking about how bad the winter will be if the pandemic hasn’t ended. Summer has come and gone, and with fall coming to an end it is time for all of us to face the music. The music coming from our stereos, of course, since there won’t be any concerts for the forseeable future. 

As the days get shorter, the lack of sunlight takes a toll on our mental health, and staring at the same walls day in and day out doesn’t help. To make the best of it all, we’ve come up with five things you can do around your home to make it a great place to be all winter, and improve improve your mental wellness.

Repurpose a room for better uses this winter 

Your house might have some rooms in it you haven’t stepped foot in since you dropped a random box of stuff in it several months ago. What about the half-converted home office you set up in your kids’ old bedroom? Whatever the previous use that space had, you need it more than ever to be a space that serves you well in the coming months.

Take a good hard look at the room, do you really need to keep that stuff, or is it better off living a new life in someone else’s home? Clear it all out and start fresh. Put a new coat of paint on the wall if you need to. Then turn it into a space that can be used almost every single day this winter. Create a Yoga studio, and get your muscles a good stretch. Make a proper home office, you no longer have to be stooped over from a dining room chair. Build some bookshelves and get yourself the Beauty and the Beast library you’ve always wanted. Create a home theatre, complete with popcorn stand so you can feel like you’re going for a night out instead of sitting on the same couch every night. Make a games room with air hockey and ping-pong tables and give it a retro arcade theme. 

Whatever it is you used to go out in your free time to unwind, recreate that experience at home and feel like you’re stepping into a completely different venue. If you are daring enough, decorate it in a way that it doesn’t match the rest of your house at all so it feels inherently different the second you walk in. What do you do with all of the old stuff that still has value? You can list it for sale on Kijiji or Facebook marketplace (Check out our how-to on this) or let Lendy come and take it off of your hands. 

Clean out your storage closet and label everything in it

Netflix has taken advantage of everyone being stuck at home and looking in their closets, by pushing shows like The Home Edit and Tidying Up to the top of the screen for a lot of people. Watching these shows, you can’t help but be inspired to open your closets and get everything labeled. There’s no better time than now to go and pull everything out, lay it on the floor or a table, and be honest with youself about its future use. Once you know what you need, order some bins, boxes or baskets from your local Solutions store, Canadian Tire, Amazon or your favorite local retailer to get it all put back neatly.

Create an arts and crafts corner for winter creativity

This one doesn’t need an entire room, maybe your rooms aren’t ready to be repurposed but you have a small area that could use a new lease on life. Grab a small table, easel, desk or whatever fits the space. Get a nice small set of organizing drawers or bins, and go to town buying art supplies. Use curbside or delivery service from stores like Michaels to keep things easy. Make some small art projects and hone your skills until you have a masterpiece worthy of hanging on the wall or adorning your coffee table. If art is not your thing, but you still like a challenge, grab yourself a jigsaw puzzle or two, and commit to at least 10 pieces a day. Before you know it, you’ll have a beautiful picture you can frame and put on the wall, using specialty jigsaw glue.

Bring back the Covid Baking – Winter edition!

Bread was the hot topic (pun intended) at the start of the pandemic, with everyone desperate to get their hands on some yeast or a sourdough starter. With all of the other Covid fatigues setting in, sourdough fatigue is bound to come along as well. Go to your local grocery store or Bulk Barn and load up on all of the essential baking ingredients. Give a few different types of cuisine a try. Make a big batch of homemade pasta and see how much better it can be than the storebought kind. Re-connect with your roots and dig up some really old family recipes and see how well you can replicate them. Maybe this can be the revival of some family traditions for years to come, or the start of a new one.

Seek connection – Join a virtual book club this winter

Just because you can’t sit in a bar, conference, or other public venue with other people doesn’t mean you can’t form new connections. Join a book club, you’ve already converted that room to a reading sanctuary, or found a favorite chair in the house. Take some downtime to read books you’ve never had the chance to. Then, on a regular basis get on a zoom call with people you’ve never met in person to discuss the book and get to know them. Connect with new people over a topic that for once isn’t just your common fear of the impending word implosion. You can gain a lot of inner peace from letting your mind wander into an imaginary world and share that vision with others.

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