Lendy benefits

Simple Process

You send the pictures and when you need the items gone by and we’ll take it from there. When you supply more photos, it’s easier for us to put a value on the item. Our team will tell you what we can offer you.

We will either pick up your Lendy Lots at a set time free of charge, or if you have a valuable item, we will pay you for it! Our purchase price might be lower than you want, but you are guaranteed to have the money ASAP without having to meet up with strangers at the coffee shop, if they even show up. Selling things through online classifieds is a pain! Let us deal with that.

Reclaim Your Space

You or your client are staring at a bunch of stuff that’s in your way. It no longer suits your lifestyle or your family needs and you wish it was just gone.

Lendy can help. Give us a call, use the app to submit pictures of all of the stuff in your way, or just talk to us in the chat. We’ll book a time to have a team member show up, gather up everything that needs to go and give you back all that valuable space. 

Calling the junk guys costs you money, and you know your stuff still has value to it. Lendy will give it a second life, and there is a chance we’ll give YOU some money for it, instead of the other way around.

Be Sustainable

Nobody likes the idea of all of their perfectly good stuff sitting in a landfill for the next 100 years. If you are lucky, you can put it on the curb and someone will come grab it for their own use. Chances are, mother nature will do her magic before the right person comes along and your stuff instantly becomes garbage. 

By giving it to Lendy, we take good care of your stuff while we make it available for a low price to the entire country, not just the few hundred people driving down your street. We keep it out of the landfill and give it a second life. 

Shopping in our online store means secure credit card transactions and affordable shipping. We partner with transportation companies with a low ecological footprint wherever possible. 

Get Your Time Back

Selling items online is such a drain. First you have to create an ad, hoping it’s good enough to catch someone’s eye. Then, you get a bunch of peole who ask “is this still available?” And never reply after that.  Sometimes you get questions that make you have to go look at the item and answer them, or  you get offers to trade for junk you don’t need.

Finding a time to meet with people is annoying, and then after you give them your home address, or agree to meet somewhere neutral, you question whether that was a safe thing to do. If and when someone finally does show up to buy the item, you question whether all of the time and energy you spent was really worth it.

You know what your time is worth, and you would be happy to have Lendy come grab everything you don’t want at a time that works best for you. You can  quickly have a little bit of cash in your hand, all of your space back, and a whole lot of good feelings. Not only is someone else is going to make use of the stuff you no longer need, but our Pay It Forward program takes a significant portion of the proceeds and helps Canadians. 

Let's get rolling!

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